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golden gate bridge san francisco

San Francisco in 3 days: things to do

I had been thinking about visiting San Francisco for quite some time. During a trip on the westcoast, I finally had the opportunity to go to San Francisco! Sometimes we can feel like we’re not in the US. San Francisco is not too big so you can visit a good part of the city by […]

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williamsburg hotel new york

Things to do in New York in the summer

We all know New York is the city that never sleeps. This statement in even truer summertime. The temperatures are higher and the locals are out, enjoying life and the numerous activities in the city. The city really comes alive and this is when you realize there are numerous things to do in New York […]

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toronto islands

Things to do in spring in Toronto

Toronto is a beautiful city and most people who go there love it. But wintry days are freezing and the locals tend to hibernate. Fortunately the weather is much nicer in spring. Yes, spring in Toronto means you’ll finally able to enjoy all the green spaces, farmers’ markets and numerous festivals! Thinking about going there? […]

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chicago park

Things to do in Chicago in spring

Wintry days in Chicago are really cold. No wonder locals and tourists are eagerly awaiting spring! Yes spring in Chicago means enjoying green spaces, farmer’s markets, plenty of events and festivals and cocktails on a fancy rooftop! It’s one of the best places to visit in Illinois! Are you wondering what are the things to […]

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greetings from austin mural

How to spend 3 days in Austin, Texas

My visit to Austin in Texas was a lot different than what I was expecting. We all have those images and prejudices about Texas. Over there, they’re all cowboys, Texas is a giant desert where it’s scorching outside and there’s nothing there apart from three or four big cities, all the Texans are close-minded, not […]

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old montreal

2 days in Montreal: things to do

I had been hearing about Montreal for a long time. People kept saying good things about this city. For quite some time, I was telling myself “One day, I’ll go visit Montreal“. The opportunity finally arrived! After visiting New York, I told myself “Why not also visit Montreal? It’s not far…” All right let’s go! […]

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subway new york

How to use the NYC subway

This is when I started traveling that I realized how fast, efficient and clear the subway in Paris (my hometown) is. When traveling elsewhere… It immediately gets more complicated! “How to use the New York subway? How does it work? I don’t understand all the signs…” Those are questions many travelers ask themselves and it’s […]

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remember 911

Visit to the 9/11 memorial

We all remember what we were doing and where we were when we heard about the September 11th, 2001 attacks. Moreover, in my case, I had the opportunity to see the twin towers with my own eyes in the 1990s… The 9/11 memorial is located exactly where the twin towers were. Underground, there’s also the 9/11 […]

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Where to stay in Chicago: the best areas and hotels

the peninsula chicago

Chicago is the third most populated city in the US and it’s one of the most popular destination in the US among tourists! Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, an art lover, a shopaholic, a sports enthusiast or a party animal, you’re gonna have a good time there! But where to stay in Chicago? […]

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Where to stay in Austin: the best areas and hotels

hyatt regency austin

Austin is getting so popular lately! It might be in Texas, but you’d be surprised how different it is than the rest of the state. Each neighborhood in Austin has a distinct identity and vibe, and there’s so much to do there. It has a great live music scene and delicious food. But where to […]

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Where to stay in New York: the best areas and hotels

mandarin oriental new york

New York City, the city that never sleeps! There are so many things to do in New York, it’s impossible to get bored: relaxing in Central Park, discover Times Square, see the statue of Liberty, visit the 9/11 memorial, get on top of the empire state building, etc. But figuring out where to stay in […]

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Where to stay in San Francisco: the best neighborhoods and hotels

washington square inn san francisco

San Francisco is the largest city in Northern California and a popular vacation spot in the US! It’s normal, there’s so much to do in San Francisco (also called SF!). Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf… I didn’t even mention the gastronomy, the beautiful parks, the rich culture and the museums. However, figuring out […]

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14 most beautiful cities in Canada

calgary canada

Thinking about visiting Canada? Canada is a vast country (the second largest in the world), offering a diverse places to see: forests, mountains, waterfalls, prairies, lakes, glaciers… But there are also charming cities to discover in the country. What to do in Canada? I listed the most beautiful cities in Canada. Then I’ll share Canada […]

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15 most beautiful cities in the US

boston usa

Planning to visit the US, but you don’t know exactly where to go? This USA travel guide will help you out! This is such a large country, and there are numerous top places to visit the US. It’s more like a continent than a country! What to do in the US? I listed in this […]

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Montreal in the fall: things to do

view mount royal park montreal

Thinking about spending a few days in Montreal in autumn? Great idea! Autumn in Montreal is awesome, it’s a great time to be there! Unlike what many people may think, there are many things to do in Montreal in autumn! From POP Montreal to Halloween, the public markets, various events and festivals, etc. You can’t […]

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How to spend a weekend in Portland, Oregon

pioneer courthouse square portland

Portland is the largest city in the state of Oregon, on the westcoast of the US. This city has a special and unique atmosphere and you have to see it, especially if you’re traveling on the westcoast. Indeed, visiting Portland is discovering an alternative, industrial, hipster and environmentally friendly city. Before anything else it’s a […]

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