Hmmm… Where should I start ? It’s not that easy to me to write about myself, but hey, I guess some readers want to know a bit more about me, so here we go! I’m Roobens, born and raised in Paris. Needless to say, I love to travel (seriously…?), otherwise I don’t even know why I’d be running this blog.

Anyway, just to outline what I did before this, after my studies, I left France and went to the US, in Orlando, Florida, where I worked for six months. Back in France, I started to work. The plan was to spend a few months there, and then go overseas again. But caught up in my daily routine, months, even years went by too quickly! Six years exactly! And then the company I worked for decided to lay off employees, they wanted to “streamline” some departments and I had to leave…

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It didn’t take a long time for me to know what I wanted to do next. I’ve been thinking for quite some time about doing a round-the-world trip, and even though the perfect time to do such a thing never arrives -there are always excuses, justified or not such as time, money, family, fear…-, I felt like all the conditions were there to let me free to go! So I decided to leave Paris, and to start to travel by myself!

Although this is the first time I’m travelling full-time on my own for a long period of time, I already had the opportunity to travel a lot in the past, in different areas of the world, including : the Bahamas, Haiti, Brazil, Tunisia, Sweden, the UK, Ireland, Montenegro, Malta, Hungary, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Australia, and other ones… Speaking French, English and Spanish helped a lot since it allowed me to really immerse myself in those countries, to exchange, and to communicate with the locals.

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I decided to focus this blog on solo travel as a black man. On this blog, you will follow my journey around the world, with some travel tips, and my perception of the different places I see as a black guy… I already noticed my perception of some places is different from a lot of other bloggers out there! Anyway, I’ll try to be as pertinent as possible!

Oh, one last thing! English is not my mother tongue, I’m sorry ahead of time if I make some typos… Don’t hesitate to correct me if necessary!


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