Hmmm… Where should I start ? It’s not that easy to me to write about myself, but hey, I guess some readers want to know a bit more about me, so here we go! I’m Roobens, born and raised in Paris. Needless to say, I love to travel (seriously…?), otherwise I don’t even know why I’d be running this blog.

Anyway, just to outline what I did before this, after my studies, I left France and went to the US, in Orlando, Florida. I worked there for six months. Back in France, I started to work. I worked for six years in the e-commerce industry but because of a layoff for economic reasons, I had to quit my job...

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It didn’t take a long time for me to know what I wanted to do next. I’ve been thinking for quite some time about doing a round-the-world trip, and even though the perfect time to do such a thing never comes, I felt like all the conditions were there to travel around the world! So I decided to leave Paris, and I started traveling by myself!

I took my backpack, and I traveled solo for a year! Before this, I already had the opportunity to travel a lot: the Bahamas, Haiti, Brazil, Tunisia, Sweden, Ireland, Montenegro, Malta, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, and other ones… Speaking French, English and Spanish helped a lot since it allowed me to really immerse myself in those countries, to exchange, and to communicate with the locals.

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I'm mostly writing about solo travel as a black man. On this blog, you will follow my journey around the world, with some travel tips, and my perception of the different places I see as a black guy… I already noticed my perception of some places is different from many other bloggers out there! Anyway, I’ll try to be as pertinent as possible! I was featured in BBC, AJ+ and also CNN!

If you're interested, I wrote a 200+ pages book about traveling as a black person! Click here for more info! I also launched a travel agency in French, Dunia Travel, selling tailor-made trips to Africa!